Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Now –a-days the problem of indiscipline among students has grown very serious. Everybody complains of the growing indiscipline among the students who are our future hopes. The question arises why there is indiscipline among students? Some main causes that are responsible for the indiscipline among student are:
Old system of education: Our old system of education results in unrest among the students. They have to pass through age-old system of examinations.
Political causes: Students were encouraged by our leaders before 1947 to take part in freedom struggle. The leaders and students made use of all fair and foul methods. The students grew in the habit of using them against their teachers and the elders. Now we are independent but still political parties use students for their selfish ends.
The conditions of schools and colleges: The schools and colleges are over-crowded. The teachers are low-paid. They are ill-fed and ill-clad. They run after tuitions. Students go to the safest way to tuitions to pass the examination. The students do not read and the teachers do not teach. When there is no work indiscipline comes in.
Backward educational system: Our present educational system is not fruitful. After the education there students do not get suitable jobs. There is a rush in classes. So there is no personal link between teachers and students. Students fail to learn many useful and important things from their teachers.
Social environments: Indiscipline among students is a part of indiscipline in the society. The students see that their leaders behave in an indiscipline way. Hence they do whatever they see. The home atmosphere does not suit to our students. They see the anti-social activities of their father.
Government’s responsibility: Every year books and courses are changed. Experiments are made at the cost of students, career. Sometimes the students have to appear in both meetings during the examination days. He has to learn the most difficult subjects in a day when they take up examination in both the meetings. They use unfair means. When they are checked, they revolt.  
Certain Suggestions. 1. Reforms in the colleges and schools. The students or teachers should not be allowed to take part in politics. Political parties should be not use the students for their selfish ends. Only first rate persons must be appointed as teachers. Salary of teachers must be increased. The classes must not be over- crowded. There must be a good choice of taking up different courses.
2. To keep students away from dirty life. The students should be taken away from the dirty life of cities. Schools and colleges must be far away from busy cities. Let us follow the example of Gurukuls and Rishikuls.
3. Collective efforts. Collective efforts have to be made by government, teachers and guardians. The government should take interest in the education. The teachers should think themselves as trustees. The guardians should give some time to look after their wards. 

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