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How to Control your mind: it's like Meditation, Yoga..

Believe yourself and love of God is simplest and positive method of controlling mind. Just concentrate and purify your mind to control from urges, impulses and emotions like envy, hatred, anger, fear, jealousy, lust, greed, conceit, temptation etc. Purity of mind must be insisted upon if you would control it….. morality is all in all of complete control over mind. The man who is just thinking,concentration,remind one moment before to do any works and moral has nothing more, he is free. Concentration of mind can help to know that what is true and fault of anything and purify our mind to control and also improve knowledge. Self confidence and self respect makes more peace of mind and built our own will power to get respect throughout others.
Our day-to-day life, we all are thinking about that how to make rest of mind and its control, the most important is to know our self and our own minds. Only one who have surely controlled their own minds can help us in this regard.
The mind is like pure white paper just bought from stationery that any color in the world may change its value. The person who have no moral, principles and no regularity of life, will almost impossible to control of minds. So regularity of life is also one of the important to control of minds like early weak up, reading, eating, rest, gaming, sleeping etc.
Always be positive mental attitude to control easily our minds....


Yoga practice and dispassion is another way of controlling mind. In continuous practice, you will find that your mind will follow in whatever directed by you. Practice and dispassion are sure to control the mind of entire secret of controlling but how do we bring them into our day-to-day life….
  • It helps in mind controlling and it is also help in developing the will which control the mind
  • It helps to large the view of mind
  • It helps our energy throughout
  • It helps to learn certain techniques and practices them earnestly and intelligently
  • It helps to prevent body of many diseases and improve immune system
  • It helps to sleep or rest freely
  • it helps to circulate our blood normally in body.


It is the most requirement of one to control the minds that to prepare our mind for a-day schedule. It helps to appear our schedule step by step and free of tension. Both meditation and control of the mind goes like couple. The highest objective for which one controls the mind is meditation. Meditation brings peace and harmony to our mind as we got the will power to built a peace of mind.
Unless you meditate the mind can’t be controlled, and unless the mind is controlled you can’t meditate. But if you think first let us control the mind and then you may meditate. At any stage of works like irritation, tension, you must do at the same time – steady your mind and meditate. Thought such practice the mind comes under control and becomes purity of mind.

Will Power

All we have the will power to defense our body and control our minds but controls of mind is not very strong by the will. It should be strong to control of mind as well as clear any works. Until our will power to control the mind can never be strong and unless we have deliberately and irrevocably renounced pleasure as one of the main pursuits of our life.
We can never control until we give up seeking pleasure that we use for seeking pleasure of enjoying. Even after giving up the pursuit of pleasure it will not be easy to control it for the mind will always have past incidents to cite to embarrass us. The strength of our will power to control the mind is proportional to the strength and intensity of our renunciation of the pursuit of pleasure. If the pleasure-motive is overcome, no matter what else we do, we can never perfectly control our minds. Inadequate attempts gives of weak will power and lack of knowledge as how to control the mind. The most important thing is to strengthen the will to such a profession that even in the face of repeated failures.


Is the worst thing that can happen to an individual as a result of uncontrolled of the mind who will always have a tendency to abnormal developments or mental disintegration through internal conflict. A person of control mind will be free from mental maladies and physical troubles caused by mental tension.
By certain actions, dispositions and habits of thought we make our task of controlling the mind almost possible. It will be helpful to know what these are, so that we may avoid them:-
  • Have strong likes or dislikes, attachments and aversions
  • Live an immortal life
  • Indulge in intoxication, live unbalanced and chaotic lives, e.g. eat, drink, work or sleep too little or too much
  • Habitually indulge in vain controversy, inordinately inquisitive about other’s affairs, too anxious to find other’s faults
  • Torture our bodies unnecessarily, spend our energies in futile pursuits, force rigid silence upon ourselves or become too egocentric
  • Feeling of guilt
  • Over ambitious irrespective of our capacities, jealous of other’s prosperity or self-righteous. So we must erase all guilt from us.

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