Thursday, 22 August 2013

Simply way of Attraction factor…..The Words

A word is the symbol of expression indicating certain object, person, idea or concept.It may refer to something quite abstract like beauty, mercy, truth or some thing physical like chair or table. It is a symbol and not a reality. When we talk of ‘night’ we refer to time which has certain characteristics like the appearance of the moon and the stars, the blackness and the desire for rest and sleep. For some people it may mean something very pleasant like going to clubs, attending dinners, drinking parties and time of peace and rest. It may, however, mean unbearable time for a patient or for one who is away from his wife and children. It may have two different sets of meaning for a  blind man or a sighted person. The post has very loyally expressed the feelings of a Blind Boy when he says:

My days and nights, myself I make,
When’er I sleep or wake

Thus, this depends upon the flight of imagination of both the writer and the reader that the meanings of a word depend. The greatest problem of the man today is how to communicate with others. The proper selection of words by the writer or speaker is of paramount importance so that the reader or the hearer should derive the same meaning which the former intended. In one of his letters to his son, Lord chesterfield, conveyed the importance of the proper selection of words, thus:

“It is now above forty years since I have never spoken or written one single word without giving myself at least one moment’s time to consider whether it was a good one or a bad one, and whether I could not find out a better in its place.”

The only lesson that we can draw from these lines of Lord Chesterfield is that one should weigh each and every word before using it so that it should serve one’s purpose faithfully and loyally.

We are not satisfied to be right, unless we can prove others to be quite wrong.
There are many religious and political ideologies prevailing in this world. They emphasize that their dogmas and views are up to the mark and thus, they must be accepted. The exponents of socialism sometimes used to claim that their ideology can never be challenged. Similarly, the bigoted persons also dominate over others and Endeavour to thrust their religious views. Some political philosophers intend to prevail upon others. They always expect from them that they must be treated right and their dogmas must carry importance in the world. But this sense of superiority and inferiority creates unharmonious relations among human beings. Modern wars originate due to this unsympathetic attitude of one man with the other. The formula of co-existence is not in favour of basic human rights. Since the creation of human beings, mankind has been living on this earth. But it is not merely the question of living but living well, living in a way which makes it possible for all to live peacefully and to contribute his best to promote common welfare of humanity at large. The greatest hurdle to the co-existence is the human segregation, colour-prejudice and racial discrimination. 

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