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What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the affiliation program by which you can place the advertisement on your site or site pages to make money out of it. Your site can be of your your youtube channel or your blogger. There are many sites available on internet which will provide you affiliation for google adsense.
Why google will pay me?
Google will pay you because google will make money from the ads which is running on your site. google will share the revenue with you which google will earn from your site.
How to create a site?
You can create your site on blogger, hubpages, word press, Bukisa and many more. I don't know the full list but you can search for the available option on internet. You can create your profile to these sites and make some quality articles which is required by people. After creating your article you can published it.
How to apply?
Go to Earning->Setting then it will ask you create the google adsense account, then fill the complete details.
  • Make sure that It will show you the url of your hubpages channel in the url text box.
  • Payee can not be changed for some the country. Make sure that it is correct as per Bank details.
Got to Earning and signup for google adsense. Associate your adsense if you already have account.
When you are applying through youtube, follow the steps which is mentioned below.
  • You need first enable the monetization option which is available in channel setting.
  • Once you enable the you can see the ads running on your video.
  • After monetization you can select the type of ad for your video. You can see the green color doller for your video if it monetized. If any of your video gets 1000 view then youtube will send you invitation link for "YouTube partnership program".
  • It is advisable to apply for adsense after getting average of 100 views per day in my opinion. It is recommended to get 1K view for any of your video. Once you got traffic you can for adsense.
  • To apply for adsense you need to go to "channel setting" then move to "monetization" in it. Choose "How I can get paid" and "associate adsense account".
  • Now wait for approval mail from google.
Why I am not able to see my earning in youtube?
The reason is simple and possible reason are mentioned below.
  • You are not partner of youtube.
  • You have still not monetized your videos
  • You don't have adsense account
  • You have approved adsense account but not linked
  • You have linked your account just before 2-3 days. If you have linked your adsense account to your youtube channel then it will take around 2/3 days to be visible on google adsense and may be 3-4 to visible in youtube earning section. sometimes you may able to see early or late depending on google update time.
How much money I can make through videos or articles?
It totally depends on quality and subject of your videos or articles and you can say many other factors. Google will pay you per 1000 views. According to me you can earn around 2-7 dollar per thousand view. Its also depends on type of advertise.
When to apply?
This is very much difficult question for all the writer. There is no any right time to apply for it. But still people are saying it is recommended to have 15 to 20 articles in your profile with some amount of traffic to your channel. Still It will vary from person to person and quality of the article I can say.
What should if I do I got rejected?
You need not to worry about rejection. It will happens with most of the people while applying for the first time. You just need to improve the quality of your article or video to get it approved. If you use copied content then you will not google adsense for life time.
If you are rejected for one of your site (may be blogger) then you can not use the same google id to apply for google adsense for other site then blogger. You need to create new google id and apply with that new google id. Because google will not allow you to change the url or site address once you apply. As this happens to me also. So don't worry and apply with other google id to get it!
What I need to do if I got approved from Adsense?
You need to link your site to google Adsense after got approved from google. With linking you will not able to make money out of it. To link it you need to do the same procedure which you followed while applying. Here difference is that this time it will ask to you to accept the association rather then applying for it. Once you accept the association you will be able to see your earning in Adsense account. It will take around 2 to 4 days to show your earning in your Adsense account.
How to Link?
It is import to link your account with your adsense account after getting apprvoal mail from google. Login once to your adsense account and confirm the details provided by you. Then associate your websites, which you want to add for making money or revenue sharing.
What is "Adsense for content" and "Hosted Adsense for content"?
You can see "Hosted Adsense for content" if you have associated your youtube channel with Adsense account. If you have associated your blogger or hubpages account then you can see the "Adsense for content" in your adsense account.
Some of the things (Dos & Don't) you need to keep in mind while dealing with Google Adsense:
  • Don't Apply frequently at short period of time without changing or adding much content
  • Don't use copied content from any other sites
  • Don't use adult content
  • Don't use image directly from google image. Use the image which you are illegally entitle to use.
  • You can use the free images from pixabay or flickr which is illegally allowed to use.
  • Read Google TOS carefully
  • Content is King, use quality content with enough length (above 1000 words)
  • Use of back links
  • In some of the country it is required to wait for 6 months of waiting period of time before applying for adsense. But frankly speaking I have seen people getting adsense in less then 6 months of time.
  • Don't click on ads which is displayed on your article or videos.
  • Don't ask your friends to click on ads, else result can be banned from Google adsense
  • You can not upload the same article to multiple sites (like hubpages & blogger)
  • You can unpublish your article in one site & use it for other site.
  • Use google analytics
  • Use google webmaster tool
  • Use google keywords
Here I would like to share some of the point which will be very much useful to you to understand your views and traffic. Once I got adsense, I came across many different terms which I am not able to understand. So I will tell you all that terms meaning which is required to understand the traffic to your channel as per my knowledge.
What is Unique visitor:
It means same user is visitor is visiting your site multiple times. If someone will visit your site more than one time then it can be considered as unique visitor. It will be measured by the IP address of the system.
Problem with unique visitor counting: In certain cases it may possible that same user will use different IP address. Sometimes it may be possible then different user will the same IP address.
What is New visitor:
This means someone has visited your site first time.
What is crawl error?
This is error which you can propably see in google analytics. When google will not be able to successfully crawl your site or any page of your site then it will generate this error. Probably it will generate the error code 404: page not found. You need not to bother about this error for getting adsense. This error will not effect your site performance. May be you get this errors when you have deleted some of pages in your site. This is my assumption, I am not sure about it. I have seen this error for one of my deleted article and question in hubpages.
What is google analytics?
Google anaytics is used to check your daily views or clicks. Which gives you traffic related information to your site. You can compare and review the statistical data to for your site. which can give you idea to change the title. It can also show you the keywords which is searched by user to come to your site. This way you can get the idea for content of user interest. This information can be useful to analyse your site content. And probably using this information you can prepare yourself for modiftication or addtion of new article. In google analytics you can see the chart for your view:
  • Browser
  • OS
  • Region (Country, City)
  • Keywords
  • New / Returning
What is wenmaster tool?
This will show the performance related information to your site. like crawl error. You can use "Data Highlighter" from webmaster tool to get more traffic to your channel.
What is google authorship?
Once you signup for google authership then google will show your photo or image along with your article title in the search result.
CTR (Click through Rate):
Click through rate will indicate the rate of clicks, which mean ratio of click per views.
CTR = click / impression or views
CTC (Cost per click)
Cost per click will be decided by advertiser. It vary
RPM (Revenue per thousand impression):
RPM simply indicate your estimated earning for thousand impression, if you continue to get the same traffic.
RPM = (Estimated earning / Pageviews) * 1000
How & When can I update my payment details?
You can enter you payments details once your earning reach to 10$ in google adsense. You can configure your paypal account in hubpages at any time.
What is the minimum threshold for payment?
Google Adsense - 100$
Hubpages - 50$
Mobile application
You can find the mobile application for blogger, hubpages, wordpress, google analytics, and google adsense. I have used google analytics and google adsense android app which is working very good on my mobile. It will work on slower internet connection also. It will give information related to your daily view, clicks, CTR, CTC, RPM and earning.

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